*TV on the Radio

Back by popular demand, here's a remix of "Staring at the Sun" featuring Afrika Bambaataa.

TV on the Radio - "Staring at the Sun (Featuring Afrika Bambaataa)"


Anonymous said...

How in the hell do you figure that's Afrika Bambaataa?

That's diplo's remix of Staring At The Sun, which borrows a couple of Dead Prez verses.

Dance Hall Hips said...

I'd comment on your own page, but you apparently like to remain anonymous. I just put it as I found it. That's what it was labeled when I downloaded it.

gavin said...

Where in the hell did you find this song!?!?! I have it on record... but its a blank label, I have been trying to find it to download it or buy it on cd... but no luck so far.

Anonymous said...

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