*Cat Power

During the past few months my love for Cat Power has turned into an obsession. I believe it was inspired from seeing her quirky, offset solo live performance (that so many people talk shit about) and the fact I'm extremely excited for her return just a few months later. Recently I've been looking for live stuff, b-sides, etc. Anything to get my Cat Power fix. I decided to pay for music this time around and got her Exclusive iTunes Sessions EP which has an amazing version of Wild as the Wind (among other things). It's on her Covers Record as well but it's played a lot catchier. Since my copy of the song is an M4P file, it won't be of much use to you, but I've tracked down her KCRW Sessions, which will benefit you. Word on the street is her eMusic "exclusive" tracks are the ones off KCRW. I spent a fair amount of time looking for them instead of starting up a trial version of eMusic. Luckily I found the entire set on Kwaya Na Kisser, which is a great little site. I've "hotlinked" the tracks, and in return I suggest you pay KNK a little visit.

Cat Power - "Wild as the Wind (KCRW)"
Cat Power - "Remember Me"
Cat Power - "Ramblin' Man"

go to Kwaya Na Kisser for the rest of these gems.