*New Beck

My station got in the new Beck album "The Information" about a week ago but I've been too busy to put up some tracks. It's coming out on Oct. 3rd so I thought I'd treat you with with a couple tracks (that haven't been beaten to death on every other damn blog) before it officially hits shelves:

Beck-"Strange Apparition"
Beck-"New Round"

My copy came with an additional DVD I haven't seen but am more than excited. I'm guessing it'll be filled with all those teaser videos he's been throwing around the internet. Enjoy the songs, and remember to pick up the album this coming Tuesday!


BrentBrent said...

I was wondering if it were possible to be able to get a copy of

TV on the Radio - "Staring at the Sun"(Afrika Bambaataa Remix)

I saw it was posted in your april blog, but the file is no longer available. I'm an enormous TVOTR fan and everything they do. please help.


Anonymous said...

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