So it turns out for a full year of EZarchive, it's only 30 bucks. I thought it was 60. Considering the recent traffic I've been getting with "popular" tracks, I think it's a good investment. We'll see. Time to move up in this big ol' blog world. Also, I'm DJing a dance at school today with my friend. It'll be fun. This post may seem worthless to you. I dunno. Here's a track to make it 'worthwhile'. One of the many songs I will playing tonight; a northwest gem:

United State of Electronica - "Emerald City"


les said...


Roland said...

^Bad form, duder.

EZArchive seems to be causing havoc with their recent update. You might be better off with fileden it's free and has direct linking.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

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