*The Fitness and the Lack Thereof

Starting Monday I began a basic PE class, where, right off the bat I learned I'm quite the inactive individual. Today we had to take out heartrate, and before taking it, the teacher told us the average rate is 70. With this in mind, and as the timer ticked away, I was nervous about going over the "average" rate, making me stressed, and ultimately raising my heart rate. The class should be interesting though. The first session I scouted the room for any possible friends, and in my own dorky way, looked for people that looked like they listened to good music. You know what I'm talking about. I have yet to befriend those that I have picked out, but today in class a friend showed up, who had missed the first session, so atleast now I have someone to slack off with. So far I've socialized both days with a girl I don't feel particulary attracted to but find pleasure in spouting off quips, all the while a girl a few rows up turns around, smiles at the joke and turns back around. It's funny to catch things like that. So, in spirit of my fitness, or the lack thereof, I will give you, what else, The Fitness:

The Fitness - "Phone Sex"
The Fitness - "Analog Synths"
The Fitness - "Chauffeur"