*Tom Waits

So we got in an Orpans sampler from Tom Waits today. Thought I'd provide you with not one, not two, but three tracks for your grand ol' listening pleasure:

*NOTE: I was excited to post these, but somehow all three links for each are taken down, and I'm under the impression it isn't from traffic; more for copywrite reasons that were out of my hands. I can try and host the file again, but it appears it won't do much good.

Tom Waits - "Rains on Me" (mirror 1, mirror 2)
Tom Waits - "Young at Heart" (mirror 1, mirror 2)
Tom Waits - "Dog Door" (mirror 1, mirror 2)


Anonymous said...

oh no! Says the links aren't available. Tell me this isn't already down.


Anonymous said...

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