*Pretty Girls Make Graves (Edited 04/05/06)

As always, I like to promote the "local scene", so I thought I'd put up some Pretty Girls Make Graves tracks, a fair amount of them, off their new album Elan Vital. I used Hype Machine to find 'em all, and it's I found a good portion of the album. So here it is, 2 of the tracks off Elan Vital. (note: limited time offer, 7 days on yousendit)

Note/Edit (04/05/06) <--cool date eh?

I have been asked by Matador Records to take off all but two tracks from my site. I could be a jerk and try and "fight the man" but c'mon, it's not the man, it's Matador, home to Belle and Sebastian, Cat Power, Guided By Voices, Interpol, Stephen Malkmus/Pavement, Mogwai, and Spoon, among many, many others.

Pretty Girls Make Graves - "Pearls On A Plate"
Pretty Girls Make Graves - "The Magic Hour"
Pretty Girls Make Graves - "The Nocturnal House"
Pretty Girls Make Graves - "Selling The Wind"
Pretty Girls Make Graves - "Head South"
Pretty Girls Make Graves - "Pyrite Pedestal"
Pretty Girls Make Graves - "Parade"
Pretty Girls Make Graves - "Wildcat"
Pretty Girls Make Graves - "Domino"

these (no longer featured) tracks can also be found at the blogs listed below (ie: that's where I found them):
You Ain't No Picasso
Villians Always Blink
I See Sound
My Yellow Country Teeth
Em P Me
I Guess I'm Floating
...among a few others.


p adam farrell said...

hey man,

adam here from matador - thanks for supporting the band, but it ain't cool posting nearly the whole album!

please take it down and you can have just Nocturnal House and Pyrite Pedestal - the tracks we've made available.


p adam farrell said...

thanks man! we try to be cool about this stuff within reason...but i also wanna buy a video ipod someday.

keep on supporting good music!
matador records

Kelly said...

you were a good sport about that...

thanks anyhow :)

Anonymous said...

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