*Buffalo Elroy Igaboybot and Gregg

Usually I'm pretty anti-anyband who tries to add me on myspace, but I checked these guys out and really...dug them...for lack of a better word. I like their original sound...and basically I'm not really in the mood for writing about music, or writing in general, so check them out.

Buffalo Elroy Igaboybot and Gregg - "Even The Devils..."

please please please go to their myspace to listen to a better representation of their work. The mp3 I have is the only downloadable one on MS. They also have some more songs on purevolume so check it out.


Ekko said...

myspace seems so lame.

Anonymous said...

yes, B.E.I.A.G. are really great. "Hilarious times in the decline" is an amazing song. I recamend you go listen.

Anonymous said...


found this

Anonymous said...

ehhh they are ok i guess

Anonymous said...

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