*Blog Shares?
what in the heck is blog shares? is this some kind of mock up of the stock market but you buy shares of blogs? I did a search for "dance hall hips" for the hell of it and found this. I'm baffled on a number of levels. I'm also baffled to find the amount of blogs who have "linked me" on their sites at some point. It's a really nice feeling to realize that i do have readers.

on another note,
head over to Burning Oak for some great new (atleast to me) Format songs. Not the most indie band ever, but I'd be lieing if i said I didn't love them.


burningoak.com said...

I'd be lying if I said I was a huge fan, but I was definitely attracted by the Cat Stevens cover. Noone covers that guy enough

stuart said...

Hi Jon, thanks for linking to my blog - much appreciated

Anonymous said...

hey jon! thats awesome!! i love reading your blog. you make me smile! <3 britt

ps: will i ever see you again?

Anonymous said...

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