*The Long Winter - "The Commander Thinks Aloud"

This track, from The Long Winters was released on the Future Soundtrack For America in August of '04. It quickly got slipped onto all my car mixes for my drives to work and back, and it's landed it's spot in my heart as one of my favorites. The track featured on the compilation was a demo/"original" version . Another version was released on the band's Ultimatum ep in October of '05. The newer version starts off a little different and is a little longer. I'm quite partial to the original version myself, because I've listened to that one forever. Not until recently have I heard the "newer" version. You be the judge of which you like better. And as always, I love comments.

The Long Winters - "The Commander Thinks Aloud(original version)
The Long Winters - "The Commander Thinks Aloud(new version)

If you've never gotten into The Long Winters, one of the many Seattle bands I'm in love with, this song will sure as hell get you into them. Be prepared to hit the repeat button because this track is catchy! Catchy! CATCHY!
The Long Winters - "Cinnamon" (off When I Pretend To Fall)