*Sufjan Stevens B-Sides/Remixes

I don't have much to say. I came across a cute little blog chocked full of Sufjan rarities. They're all great. I still don't have an EZarchive so I'm gonna hotlink a few and send you over to his site for the rest.

Sufjan Stevens - "The First Full Moon"
Sufjan Stevens - "Woman at the Well"

go to Neile's Life for the rest!

Also, Mocking Music has a brand new Sufjan track up:
Sufjan Stevens - "The Friendly Beasts" (NEW!!!)

and Work For It has some Sufjan remixes which are a nice little treat for the day

Sufjan - "Chitown"(Chicago Remix)

thanks. keep reading. keep supportin'. keep spreadin' the word. keep fightin' the good fight.


Styeiles said...

hey man thanks for the link..I really dig your blog...and I will add you to my favs. ..Keep up the good work..CN

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! here

Anonymous said...

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