A Few Good Songs for Friday

Cat Power - "I Found A Reason"(Velvet Undeground)
This song was played in the very Jon approved V for Vendetta. Antony and the Johnson's were played too. An interesting little twist which made the movie that much better for me. Hearing this song was like knowing a secret. I knew the artist and all her good music, but to 99% of the audience, they just took it as background music. Oh Cat Power.

Jose Gonzalez + Zero 7 - "Futures"
With a tacked on simple beat, this track reminds me of a 70's AM hit I heard over and over again on childhood roadtrips. Do you feel me?

Also, I Guess I'm Floating has some new acoustic tracks by The Format, a big guilty pleasure of mine.


heather said...

jon, thanks for the blog compliments! and i amended my post about the ryan adams track to link to you - that is indeed exactly where i found it. thanks!

Casey Dorrell said...

I also felt clever when Cat Power came on the Jukebox.

Kelly said...

So V for Vendetta is worth seeing?? I have heard mixed reviews, but just might give it a chance. . .

Phoenix said...

The link for Cat Power's song is not alive. Could you please please mail me the song at sharadtriyama@gmail.com

Thanks in advance.

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