*Mix CD
Yeah, it's been a long while since I've made a post. Sorry to all 5 of you regularly visiting readers. I wanted to make my friend a mix cd but I haven't got a chance to burn it and send it via the mail, so I just uploaded all the songs onto yousendit.com. as a result, I still have all the links to the songs for you to enjoy. it's not really a mix persay, more of just songs I'm into at this exact moment:

Wyclef Jean - "If I Were President"
Yeah Yeah Yeah's - "Turn Into"
Kind of Like Spitting - "Continent"
Flaming Lips - "W.A.N.D."
Artic Monkeys - "Maybe Vampires Is A Bit Strong But..."
Bonnie "Prince" Billie & Tortoise - "Some Say (I Got Devil)"
Ryan Adams - "Famous Eyes"
Cardigans - "I Need Some Fine Wine..."
Whiskeytown - "Don't Wanna Know Why"
Stereophonics - "Nothing Compares To You"
Magnolia Electric Company - "Doing Something Wrong"
Kind Of Like Spitting - "Blue Period"
Okkervil River - "It Ends With A Fall"
Bonnie "Prince" Billie & Tortoise - "Daniel"


Jimmy said...

5 readers??? yeah right

great job youre doing

greetings from Mexico city

heather said...

hey! thanks for the linkup and I too am enjoying exploring your blog. good stuff here! :))

Anonymous said...

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