*Blog Shout-Out

I should really be doing homework and packing up to get back to school, but this at the moment seems to spark my interest the most. Interest over importance has been my motto for some time now. I browse many a blog each day and here's some stuff I found quite sexy:

I came across an older post from An Aquarium Drunkard mentioning some great "sad bastard" albums. I can only hope the term sad bastard music was taken from the great John Cusack movie High Fidelity.

Neile's Life has a great live set from Conor Oberst. What happened to this kid? Huge a year ago, in magazines and articles everywhere, and then dissapeared. I suppose that's a good thing. That he didn't dabble with mainstream like other indie bands did...*cough* death cab *cough*. I'm a huge fan of Conor's stuff, and glad he's really embraced the folk culture, letting Emmylou Harris sing in a few songs on
I'm Wide Awake It's Morning.

A new blog find of mine, Mocking Music has a cover of Conor's "Lover I Don't Have to Love" which is featured in a recent episode of...gasp...The OC.

Last but not least, my new favorite blog I Am Fuel, You Are Friends has a big post up of Springsteen covers. Very nice!

I've had this blog for roughly 4 months now. Let's hear some feedback from readers.


supergurg said...

feedback you say :P

ive been reading your blog for some time now and really love discovering the fresh new tunes that you feature

all the best with the bloggin'!

Gurg @ Marvellous Musical Melodies

P.S. yaya for more Sufjan and Josh Rouse!

mjrc said...

Blogging is hopelessly addicting, that's for sure! Thanks for adding me to your list. I look forward to reading many more of your posts.

supergurg said...

added a link to you in my blogroll - i thought i already had, but it seems that i hadnt yet!

Gurg :P

TheDrude said...

hey man
I discovered your blog just today through Gurg.
Excellent taste in music ;-)
Keep it up, i'll be a regular here

Anonymous said...

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