*The Nouveau Rich/Lizzie Huffman

This band's from my temporary hometown of Tacoma, WA. They're really good, so I thought I'd share them all with you.

The Nouveau Rich - "She's Gone Away"
The Nouveau Rich - "Wrong Again"
The Nouveau Rich - "Nobody's Fool"

Go to their myspace for one more song.

Also, another great local artist reppin' my home area code of the 425 is Lizzie Huffman. She's got a myspace too, although the music on her purevolume site is newer....and I think a little better.

thanks for the feedback...don't stop!


heather said...

And your blog is indeed superb! I haven't updated my blogroll in months because there are just too many great blogs out there and I can't put everyone....so for now, I am just putting no one. How's that for avoiding the issue? :)

Thanks for your fab blog, though!

Anonymous said...

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