*Feist/Postal Service

I just came across a brand new Feist remix, courtesy of everybody's favorite: The Postal Service. Why is this perhaps the hottest song I've heard in days? Because good ol' Benny G decides to add in some heavenly background vocals to the quite beautiful Leslie Feist's catchy 2005 single Mushaboom. Would I be out of line to quote OutKast and say, "There goes an eargasm" ?

Feist - "Mushaboom (Postal Service Remix)"

I'm reposting this with a new link. This mp3's uploaded to an archive instead megaupload (like last time). It's a little easier for you to download, and It'll show up a lot easier on search engines and blogs if anyone's looking for it.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the song!

mjrc said...

You need to check out mc DJ's Feist remixes at childish gambino, www.childishgambino.com. He is a self-avowed Feist lover and has several remixes of her songs. Very cool.

Anonymous said...

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