*Josh Rouse
I've had the great privelege 0f getting an advanced copy of Josh Rouse's new album Subtitulo, which comes out March 28th. It's a nice little album, with a bossanova twist. It definately different than his last album, but not the bad kind of different. I noticed the only song ANY mp3 blog site has up is "Quiet Town", so I decided to include that, AND three others off the new album. Let me know what you think.

Josh Rouse - "Quiet Town"
- First single off

Josh Rouse - "Jersey Clowns"
- My favorite track off the album

Josh Rouse - "His Majesty Rides"
- Bossanova-esque track, reminds me of a watered-down Spoon

Josh Rouse - "Givin' It Up"

- Another favorite, easily the catchiest track on


imanobody said...

Great blog. Keep the music coming! You have good taste, although I am not the biggest fan of Sufjian. Just saw the Stars yesterday and they were amazing. Funny you mentioned the Spinto Band b/c I saw them quite randomly during CMJ last year and found them very interesting.

As far as new music, I like an LA band called Goldspot (www.goldspot.net). I also recently discovered Watashi Wa (www.myspace.com/eagerseas); they are also from California.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! »

Anonymous said...

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