*To The Readers

Please check out my fellow blogging friend Lizzie's site, Come Pick Me Up. She is, of course, a Ryan Adams fan, and started her blog around the same time as me. Be sure to bookmark her site (along with mine). Thanks.

On Another Note:
A few posts back I gave you a few tracks off the newest Josh Rouse album. As a result of listening to Subtitulo myself, I started to really get back into his last album Nashville. The song "Sad Eyes" is definately a staple mixtape/cd song. It's been on repeat all weekend:
Josh Rouse - "Sad Eyes"


imanobody said...

How funny - I also have been going through my Josh Rouse inventory as a result of my excitement over Subtitulo.

Btw, would it be possible for you to post the song on Subtitulo which is a duet with his girlfriend. I heard part of it on his NPR interview and think its amazing. If not, no worries.

Anonymous said...

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