Talk to Me Girl
I'm gonna be quite honest, I was swept up momentarily by the Night Ripper hype surrounding Girl Talk, but the love faded. It's a little choppy and was harder to dance than intended. Unfortunately, due to this, I sort of wrote good ol' Gregg Gillis off. I came across a live set he did at Seattle's own Chop Suey and my love for him has be reignited. His set exhibits much more danceable mashups with a lot more reliable and a lot more constant beats. It seems like he's trying harder to do his job than trying to blend everything under the sun, with indie-cred included. When he has good ideas, he commits to them, unlike Night Ripper where I felt his good ideas (which were great...I mean the album is legendary in terms of mashups /mixes/ party-starters) were dropped mid-swing for something else. No offense intended. I appreciate what this guy does and has done for the music world. Here's my favorite parts of the set. Find the rest here.

Girl Talk - "Six"

Girl Talk - "Twelve"
-Blending "Tiny Dancer" with Notorious B.I.G. = Pure Genius

Girl Talk - "Thirteen"

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He's closing Capitol Hill Block Party this year. And if you live in Seattle (or wouldn't mind driving to Seattle) I suggest shelling out the $15 odd bucks each day to see:

...amongst others

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