Kevin Drew;
Is "TBTF" T.M.I.?

Found out Kevin Drew's got an album out called "Spirit If..." . Not being a huge fanatic in terms of memorizing the ten billion members' names of Broken Social Scene, I wasn't quick to realize what was on the market. Luckily, the "Broken Social Scene Presents: Kevin Drew" headline on Myspace tipped me off. His 'space has got three songs to check out. Here's one of 'em. It's called "TBTF" which is an acronym for "Too Beautiful to Fuck". To cut to the chase, in the chorus Drew sings "You are too beautiful to fuck". Is that too much? Or is that something so wonderfully honest it should be embraced. I think I'll go with a little of both. Regardless, I love what I've heard thus far from Drew's collaborations, so I'll make a grand assumption this CD is fantastic. I'm in the works of landing a copy, so I'll keep you updated once I do. For now, enjoy:

Kevin Drew - "TBTF"

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