Capitol Hill Block Party: A Day in Review

Finally, I was ready to be on top of my game as a blogger, camera ready and low and behold I leave it in my car which was in a poorly chosen parking spot blocks and blocks away. To make a long story (ok, it's probably not long at all), I didn't go back to get it. To compensate I've simply taken some pics from a few other websites.

The Blood Brothers were really good. They started right around the time I showed up. They've become quite a staple Seattle band and it amazes me how I've failed to see them up until yesterday. Needless to say I was pleased, and forgot how talented they were in regards to tempo changes, riffs, drumbeats, etc etc etc. To someone new (to the band), it'll sound like messy garbage, when really it's pretty intricate and well laid out. Their set was a great blend of their last three albums, with a lot more keys/synth thrown in. I saw them chillin' later that evening, but again, no camera.

The Blue Scholars were alright; kind of caught them in the background while socializing. Again, staple Seattle group, never seen 'em, regardless of the fact they play probably every weekend somewhere or another around here. Why were the just alright? Their main problem was playing outside. Hip-hop just flat out sounds better indoors. That pretty much sums that up.

The Trucks were definitely a nice surprise. By the end of the night, I was a little tired and ready to see Girl Talk, who was really the only person I came to see, but The Trucks were great. Dancey, synthy, girly, fun fun fun. All I can really do is tell you to check out their Myspace for some tracks. Unfortunately their studio stuff doesn't do their live show justice.

Girl Talk was everything he was cracked up to be. Unfortunately I was a little tired, so after a good 45 minutes, I grew weary of dancing and was ready to go home. Now a true hipster probably wouldn't admit leaving early from a Girl Talk show, but I did. Granted it was 1:15 and I read security guards started kicking people off the stage around 1:20. I saw him, he was awesome, enough said. His shows seem to be getting better and better in terms of mash-up ideas. He threw in some Peter Bjorn & John, as well as Grizzly Bear, both of whom he's remixed. I can't even recall all the great samples Mr. Gillis threw out last night, but it was pleasing. Even White Zombie.

All in all, I kind of regret not showing to Seattle around 10pm just to get a good spot for Girl Talk and catching the Trucks as a result, as opposed to 6ish, but whatever. It was fun. I do regret missing Natalie Portman's Shaved Head, who are amazing from what I've heard. And by that I mean both word of mouth and what I've listened to. Plus, some (maybe all) of the members are still in high school, which is some real talent. Besides that, it never ceases to amaze me how many people I end up running into at these things. It probably wasn't as good as last year considering I saw Jason Molina, the Black Angels, and the Murder City Devils reunion show, but this year was still worth way over the $15 bucks it cost to get in.

Oh, and by the way, why the heck was Silversun Pickups advertised way more than Girl Talk? I've listened to their stuff and have been under-impressed. Another indie overhyping of a mediocre band. I didn't even bother seeing them.

Speaking of overhyping, I think it's time I come clean. That Feist CD I shot down actually did grow on me...which is hard to admit. Unfortunately my friends played it to death, as did Starbucks which I frequented daily in my unemployed months of the summer.

But seriously, Silversun Pickups: No Thank You.


Anonymous said...

Hips baby Hhhhhhhippppppppppssssss

Kelli said...

yeah, blood brothers are amazing.
i am glad you had the fortune of catching their set. i can't help but go crazy when i see them. they are just that kind of live band.

also, i had seen girl talk a little while back at studio b in brooklyn. there was some stage dancing and it was awesome because it didn't stay crowded the entire time and people danced and it wasn't shut down. i have heard of multiple shows being either shut down, pulled the plug and what have you just to get the people off the stage. total bummer. it pains me to say, but maybe brooklyn/nyc hipsters are the smartest when it comes to girl talk. i find that funny though.

Adam said...

kelli, the girl talk set didn't get shut down. they just slowly made people get off the stage, until there were two guys and gregg gillis left. he played his full set and everything was fine.

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