Death Cab For Cutie; or An Obsession Continues

After browsing through It's Hard to Find a Friend, a blog I've come to enjoy more and more, I discovered not only a new track Ben Gibbard is playing live (which I'm seeing soon!) but also a version of Pedro the Lion's "Slow and Steady Win the Race" featuring Ben Gibbard (play this at my funeral, seriously). I just wanna know how the hell he dug that one up. I'm so excited for them both I'm about to throw up. You think you know my obsession, but you have no idea.

Also, If you haven't already, check out my Cash Money Bros post, because honestly, that stuff is extremely hard to find.


bryce said...

I saw Ben's show last weekend... and he is playing "Harvest Moon" and "All Apologies"(!). He actually didn't play "Casino Blues" though. So, now I am checking the blogs every morning with great anticipation hoping for one to post an mp3 of "All Apologies"

Anyway, it was a great show. You'll love it!

~L said...

Hey, this is great, I've been looking for that death cab track for a long time. Unfortunately, it won't let me download it.
I'm a huge Pedro fan and have a couple tracks that took me a while to find, too, I'd be happy to share. Email me socketface@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

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