Artist Infringement

I got the head's up about posting a track I shouldn't have from CocoRosie via Websheriff. If there are any other artists/representatives/labels that do not want a track up, please email me. If you have simply commented on older posts, I might not see them. Sometimes there's a gray area with music blogging, and I don't want to fall out of the gray area into black. I've loved music my entire life, so the last thing I'd want to do is make a band feel like I was screwing them over. I use my blog as a way to support and promote, not to take away. If you feel my promotional efforts are outshadowed by legal issues, then I am more than willing to take anything down. To say the least, let me know if I'm doing something wrong, when I'm doing it wrong, and keep me inline, which in turn will keep me online. Thanks.