So I have a break until Wednesday of next/this week from school, so I've packed my clothes and have headed home for the loooooong weekend, to enjoy countless Tivo'd episodes of Scrubs, and of course, some intense Wii playing. To say the least, I'm taking a break, sleeping in, relaxing, and getting away from the blogging community for a blip. If a short break in posts ruins my reputation with your 'readership' then too bad, so sad. Sometimes this feels no different than a job, so this is a vacation from it all. Oh, and I came across the new Arcade Fire online. Holy Crap! Everything it's cracked up to be....and more! But no posts of it. I've made a promise to their management. See you soon.


just came across this. It's a cover of (one of) my favorite Decemberist songs. I'm still a little wishy-washy on it, but see what you think:

Blanket Music - "Red Right Ankle"