The Good, The Good, and The Good

After hearing about The Good, The Bad, and The Queen from countless sources, I gathered that they deserved a listen. I'm quite quite pleased with what I've heard. Blur frontman, Clash bassist, Verve guitar player, and some drummer no one really knows but pretends they do for cred. The music is 'chill' and great to put on whenever. I just made myself sound like a frisbee playing, Jack Johnson listenin', beach lovin', Corona drinkin' college student, but whatever (I'm not). It's everything I loved about the subtle parts of Blur's Think Tank, but fleshed out, expanded, and constructed articulately. This is just one more reason 2007 is going to be an amazing year for music!!!

The Good, The Bad, and The Queen - "Herculean"

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PS: How can you not love that classic movie-esque promo pic.