(Not So) Celebrity Playlist

By now, everyone by now has heard "Phantom Limb", the new Arcade Fire is off limits (but their management has been real nice about the whole thing), and I'm too lazy to figure out if it's okay to post new Bloc Party (which is amazing!). Instead, I'm going to post a short mix of songs I've been playing to death:

The Tempatations - "I Wish It Would Rain"
Me and a friend went out to dinner and ended up sitting and listening to the jukebox pump out amazing song after amazing song. I'm still working on educating myself in this genre, but I went home and looked up the song, and I've been in love ever since.

Bill Withers - "Ain't No Sunshine"
The strings in this is amazing. Add the beat and it feels too much like a modern day song.

Modest Mouse - "Novocain Stain"
A track I usually skipped over, perhaps due to a hatred for dentistry. But I'm really liking it now, and the lyrics are great too.

Brenton Wood - "Gimme Little Sign"
Short but sweet, this song packs a punch. Oh yeah, and that whole catchy factor plays a big role.

Jose Gonzalez - "Sensing Owls"
Great Jose Gonzalez song. Something about the lyrics "You're not used to a designated driver, to show you around" is too good.

Iron&Wine - "Wild Horses"
One of my favorite artists covers one of my favorite songs. This live track is superb! (I don't actually use superb, ever. There's just so many times I can say 'amazing')


Anonymous said...

I've always loved this track! I still have it on my music playlist


Anonymous said...

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