Although it's been a year since I first blogged, I still feel like I don't quite get the hang of it just yet. I'm running out of bandwidth so I unlinked anything I've posted a few weeks ago. Beyond that if they're linked, it's from some older uploader, and if those work then congrats. Internally I feel like the site is a mess, but once I figured out bandwidth (guess I need 100gb a month) I'll get the tracks organized and things will flow a little smoother. As always, if there's a track that has been taken down and you'd like to hear it, just shoot me an email and I can send it to you (unless the track has been asked to be taken down by the artist).

Here's a treat:

Fiona Apple - "Not About Love (Jon Brion Version)"


Roland said...

MyDataBus has been working out really well for me; they give you 5 gigs and unlimited (allegedly) bandwidth for free. Good luck with hosting!

Anonymous said...

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