*Page France

So, yeah, sue me, I'm a little slow jumping Page France bandwagon when it comes to blog-postin', but better late than never right? I thought I'd post a lot the next few days to possibly redeem myself. Regardless, Page France is easily my new favorite band. Vocally they remind a little of James Dewees, musically like the works of Jeff Mangum. Originally Page France started off as a set of songs recorded by friends Michael Nau and Clinton Jones, which were never intended to be released. This was until Fall Records got ahold of the album and released it in 2005, entitled Come, I'm a Lion. Another album, Hello, Dear Wind, soon followed, which almost landed them the label as "Christian Band" until their publicist step in to graciously save the day (more about it here). Their 2-disk 2006 release Pear & Sister Pinecone is on it way to record stores within the next few months.

Page France - "Chariot"(Hello, Dear Wind)
-This is the catchiest song I've heard in months

Page France - "Jesus"(Hello, Dear Wind)
-This'll give you an idea of why they were almost "dumped into the Christian Rock bin"

Page France - "No One Likes A Bleeder(Pear & Sister Pinecone)
-Catchy Mirah-esque tune off their new 2-disk EP.

*bonus track!
Mirah - "Don't Die In Me"


Satisfied '75 said...

i really like these guys. that hello dear wind album was a fave of 2005. hope the eps are that good too

Anonymous said...

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