*Beastie Boys/Beatles

So I should really get my stuff together and post on here everyday, for the...three readers I have. But I must push forward and hope for better things. As long as I do my part (make posts), maybe you'll do yours (read and tell others to). Yesterday I ran into a Beastie Boys-Beatles mashup album called Let It Beast, mixed by dj BC. I was familiar with his last album he did with both the Beastie Boys and Beatles, but I think this is a much more solid, thought out album. Some of you may think it sacriligious to do such things to a Beatles album. I think it's....neat.

The Beastles - "Let It Beast"
The Beastles - "Build My Life"
The Beastles - "Ladies Do Love Me".

go to dj BC's site to get the entire album, as well as others.

I'll do my best to get back in the game.


c said...

the first one got a mixed reaction - but i totally loved it. i'm still getting into the new tracks. you've got a cool blog.

Anonymous said...

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