*Elliott Smith
Today I came across some an amazing Elliott Smith fansite.The site being Trash Treasury, which contains a decent number of easily downloadable bootlegs spanning the length of Smith's career. I suggest listening to a little bit from every year. It's really interesting/eery/sad/exciting to hear how his performances change.

a few tracks off my favorite of the bootlegs:
Between the Bars
Everything Means Nothing To Me(07/04/00)
Junk Bond Trader(07/04/00)

get the entire bootleg here


Trash Treasury said...

Hey, thanks a lot for spreading the word about my site! You should swing by the forum and say hello one of these days:

Trash Treasury Forums

Trash Treasury said...

Oh, and feel free to link to files on my site as long as you also link to the page where you found them on there. A lot of my stuff is hosted on the Internet Archive too, and anybody can link those.

Anonymous said...

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