*Don't Tell Sophie/Tex

A few nights ago I came across a band Don't Tell Sophie, who played with an aquaintance's band Tex, who I was originally there to see. I decided to stay after Tex's set and see what they sounded like, and I was extremely pleased with their performance, their sound, they're style. Then again, I expect no less from a smaller Western Washington band, more specifically a "Kitsap Band". I urge you all to check out both bands, and while you're at it, check out that Kitsap site. I have always been amazed at what a lot of those bands can pump out. I'll be sure to make more "local band" posts in the future. I was unable to find any downloadable MP3's from either of the bands so just check them out on their myspace's. Unfortunately, in my opinion atleast, the music featured on DTS myspace doesn't do their live show justice.