*Tujiko Noriko
Tujijo Noriko was born in Osaka, Japan and has been singing since the late 70's. 20 years later she bought her first synthesizer and sampler and with it, released her first album Keshou To Heitai (recorded in January 2000). In the Summer of 2000 she worked hard on her next release Shojo Toshi. In December of 2000 she handed off her album (Shojo Toshi) to artist Pita (of Mego Records) in hopes of landing a recording contract. During all this she found time to join the band SlideLab, and help with the launching of a new magazine OK FRED. With much luck Shojo Toshi was released on Mego Records. Since then she has released four more albums including her newest collaboration with Japanese recording artist Aoki Takamasa entitled 28, released on Fat Cat Records. Tujiko Noriko's work parallel's that of Bjork, ranging in simple, dreamy ambient backgrounds to complex electronic landscapes. According to her site, Noriko will be releasing her latest album Solo sometime next year.

I struggled to find a free full-length mp3 online. Not my favorite track, but this is the best I could find:
Tujiko Noriko - "White Film" (Shojo Toshi)

Samples from Blurred in My Mirror:
Tujiko Noriko - "Shayou (Setting Sun)"
Tujiko Noriko - "I'm Not Dreaming, King"
Tujiko Noriko - "Niagra Hospital"


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