*Fiona Apple/Jon Brion

From fionaapple.org:

"MTV News released an article today with some quotes that shed new light on what is now looking like a real possibility that Jon Brion's version of Extraordinary Machine will be mixed and set to be released in 2006.

Apple said she's asked Jon Brion, who produced the album's original sessions, to compile his version of the LP with an eye toward releasing it in the not-too-distant future.

"Then Jon and I can go in and mix them the way we want," Apple said. "I really think it would be cool to compare [the two versions]."

According to both Apple and Brion, this version would be much different from the one that leaked online in February. "People assume they have a [completed] record when they don't," Brion told MTV News, noting that the leaked version was missing key instrumental tracks and contained unauthorized mixes and overdubs. He recently told WNYC-FM in New York that he believes his version of the album will be released next year, and a source noted that it's possible the album will be a digital-only release. Brion also may play some dates with Apple on her tour this fall."