Miracle Fortress

Every 4-6 months I amass a large collection of music on my computer for which I've been too lazy to take the time to critique aka delete. Today, when typing my final paper for a summer school class (yes, I am that cool) I decided to do some sifting and came across Miracle Fortress's 2007 release Five Roses. It's an album I've liked from the very second I heard it. It's definitely got some Brian Wilson influences caked about the edges, as well as some Brian Eno immitation as well. All in all it's a great summer listen, and regardless of influences it sounds like 100% original, innovative music. It's like a watered down but beefed up and streamlined (if that makes sense) Panda Bear...but even better than that. Way better. I'm loving it and you should too! Make it your summer album....NOW!!!

And yes, I'm fully aware of my cheesy-ness.

Miracle Fortress - "Have You Seen in Your Dreams"

Miracle Fortress - "Maybe Lately"
Pretty sure this one rips off the melody of the Beach Boys "Don't Worry Baby" but because he pulls it off I'll look the other way.

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