How Mainstream Are You?

Came across a website thanks to Burning Oak that figures out how mainstream your musical tastes are based off the music you listen to. Sort of an amusing idea, but ultimately I see it as a not so bold move by music snob wannabes. If you truly had an ear and love for music, you'd be able to find the talent in all types of music, including mainstream and...gasp!...pop. There's only so much garage band albums with bad mastering and garbled vocals one can handle, it's just a matter of when you can face the...music. One of the very best points I've heard in reference to anyone hating the concept of mainstream media was roughly along the lines of "most of the greatest musical artists to date were signed to major labels. Look at the Beach Boys, the Beatles, the Stones, Dylan, etc etc etc." As much as I want to praise this falsely valid website, I'll have to shoot it down. Plus, Radiohead's "mainstreamness" is 103%. I'm scared to see what someone like Justin Timberlake gets. Here's my results:

Check out the website regardless. And while you're at it, add me, iwontletgo, on Last.FM