Just found out Broken Social Scene has done an "original score" for the movie The Tracey Fragments. Haven't been able to find much out about the movie, and it isn't really being screened anywhere, as of yet. I'm dieing to get my hands on the soundtrack though. Hopefully it isn't like Half Nelson and just compiles old BSS tracks...granted that worked out pretty cool too. The best thing I've got for you is the trailer to the movie. It looks pretty whack, and definitely "indie film" esque. Oh yeah, and it stars Ellen Page of Hard Candy fame.

And for your enjoyment, a Broken Social Scene track NOT featured in The Tracey Fragments featuring the vocals of Metric's own Emily Haines. It's off the Beehives EP.

Broken Social Scene - "Backyards"

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And since I'm going Broken Social Scene/embedded video crazy, I might as well post the band's performance of "Fire Eye'd Boy" on David Letterman. I don't think I've ever seen that many people successfully playing all together at one time, period, let alone sounding that good.


lola said...

oh maaan HARD CANDY was intense!

I rlly rlly wanna see this!!

++ BSS is goooood 2.

Kelli said...

JT from Degrassi!

Anonymous said...

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