I'm well aware I'm about 9 months behind on posting about this band, but Menomena's latest release on Barsuk it's one of my favorites this year, simply because it's pretty original, with piano, awesome drums beats, blaring guitar, organ, etc. Plus, they know how to pull off being completely loud in some tracks, and appropriately mellow in others. The songwriting is top-notch, for lack of a better non-senior citizen comment. I skipped out on seeing them at SXSW, having never heard them, and having been turned off by the overwhelming blogger community obsession. Apparently I've gotten to the music snob point where I have to be better than most bloggers, whom are presumably about 6 months ahead of everyone else to begin with. Oh well. Maybe I'll start giving in to some blogging trends (at least listening to them). Anyways, there were so many tracks I want to put, but here's what I narrowed it down to:

Menomena - "The Pelican"
-Grand example of the 'Cool drum beats and blaring guitar". Also, the singer kind of sounds like the guy from Bloc Party (who's name escapes me momentarily)

Menomena - "Rotten Hell"
-If I compiled a soundtrack, this would be on it

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