The Thanks They Get

Is it just me, or is anyone else getting sick of the pretentious indie bashings of the new Wilco CD Sky Blue Sky? No, it's not Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Get over it. If you spent half as much time obsessing over the newest indie trends (and non-trendy bands which in turn makes them trendy) as you did listening to classic rock and anything that influence everything you listen to, then you might start understanding why you're only making yourself foolish by tearing down one of the year's best albums. If Yankee Hotel Foxtrot was a haircut it'd be the shaggy hipster 'I'm trying with all my energy to look like I'm not trying at all' cut; Sky Blue Sky is the clean and short 'I've got a job interview tomorrow because I've grown up and realized what the real world entails' cut. "Impossible Germany" is an indescribable step forward for indie rock and proof a modern band doesn't have to bastardize it's influences to reproduce them. Sky Blue Sky is my favorite album of the year thus far. I'd say 'if you don't agree with me, write a blog post of your own' but I'm sure you've already taken time months ago to trash Wilco's latest efforts without even giving the album a second listen. Or worse, streaming one of their tracks off Myspace. Or worse yet, reading the Pitchfork review and pretending to listen to it (and then pretending to form your own opinion). Get over yourselves Pitchfork. I stopped reading you a long time ago.

For your listening pleasure, a very appropriately titled Sky Blue Sky b-side:

Wilco - "The Thanks I Get"

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stoneonagrave said...

Great post. You are absolutely right about Impossible Germany. I'm wowed every time I hear it.

gaohui said...

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