Ben Gibbard: Live at the Showbox 5/20/07

Finally, I've come across the Ben Gibbard solo I attended in Seattle (his first of two shows) a few months back. A lot of the tracks are a little disheartening, as the crowd's voices drown out Ben to his own songs. Sort of makes me long for the times when people loved the Postal Service but didn't know who Death Cab For Cutie or Ben Gibbard was. Throughout the concert I almost forgot I wasn't at a Dashboard Confessional concert (granted I have been to a few way back when). There were a few young girls standing in front of me and I took notice of the age range Ben now reaches. Turns out those girls were none other than Smoosh. Regardless of teetering (or maybe wallowing) in commercial stardom I still love gettin' a Gibbard fix; the Squeeze cover is a nice change of pace from his normal cover routine of throwing down a few simple chords and never straying vocally from the originals (and I mean that in the kindest way possible). Here goes it (thanks to ÜberDrivel for the tracks!):

01. To Sing For You (Donovan Cover - Brand New Colony
02. Title and Registration
03. Crooked Teeth
04. You Remind Me of Home
05. Photobooth
06. Why You'd Want To Live Here
07. We Will Become Silhouettes
08. Soul Meets Body
09. Passenger Seat
10. Up The Junction (Squeeze Cover) -DHH Favorite
11. Your Heart Is An Empty Room -DHH Favorite
12. 405
13. A Lack of Color
14. Recycled Air
15. I Will Follow You Into The Dark
16. Harvest Moon (Neil Young Cover)
17. Blacking Out the Friction
18. All Apologies (Nirvana Cover)
19. The Sound of Settling
20. Nothing Better*
21. Such Great Heights**

*featuring Jenny Lewis
**featuring Jenny Lewis, Dave Bazan (of Pedro the Lion), and Jonathan Rice


Here's a site I came across with some great pics from the tour