Nothing Better

So, I got to see Ben Gibbard once again, as well as see Dave Bazan for the 7th time (not as many times for Gibbard). After a lost ticket fiasco, I made my way to the Showbox, skipping that Jonathan Rice character, and caught the last half of Bazan set when he played the heartbreaking "Priests & Paramedics" and Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah". Ben came on, had some great covers (Neil Young's "Harvest Moon" and Squeeze "Up the Junction"). Played a ton of new Death Cab which seemed to be pleasing to the crowd but nothing off Facts or Airplanes. I would've died had he played "Epilogue" but don't get me started on that song cuz I've spoken for hours upon hours on that song with people. He played a bunch of Postal Service songs which was great, including a suprise appearance by Rilo Kiley's own Jenny Lewis (which was probably a better surprise than the whole Bill Callahan/Joanna Newsom business). She sang "Nothing Better" and "Such Great Heights" with him. Overall the show wasn't a tear jerker like the last time I saw him a few years back, but it was still amazing. What I find halarious is t-shirts he's selling that simply say Ben Gibbard, as if he was some solo artist. That has to be a joke. A joke worth falling for. Here's some videos (YES, I KNOW! I PROMISE NO MORE VIDEOS. TODAY'S MY LAST DAY TO DEAL WITH FINALS!!!). I can't take credit for them though:

Ben Gibbard & Jenny Lewis - "Nothing Better"

Ben Gibbard - "Passenger Seat"

Ben Gibbard, Jenny Lewis, Dave Bazan, & ...Jonathan Rice - "Such Great Heights"

Sorry, I don't have any mp3's of this show yet. Keyword yet. I will viciously be searching blogs, message boards, directories etc for the next couple weeks. Until then, enjoy the videos. Thanks again, Ben!


Ryan said...

The bootlegs coming out of this little mini tour he's doing are some of the most entertaining live stuff i have ever heard. He's got great stage prescence even alone onstage.
Praises to Mr. Gibbard!!

Anonymous said...

check out bootleg of the early show here for download courtesy of

RegnYouth Archives

I'm jealous... I would like to hear Bazan's set too. He's playing a show on the 23rd at the croc



Anonymous said...

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