Bumbershoot (Sort Of) Announces Line-Up

September 1st-3rd will (hopefully) show stage to a ton(?) of great bands at Seattle's Bumbershoot. I've only gone once so far, and the lines were awful. I'm hoping to fall across money to get a Gold Pass or something, but that isn't likely. Here's a few of the (good) bands playing so far:

The Shins / Wu-Tang Clan / DeVotchKa / Devendra Banhart / Magnolia Electric Company / Lupe Fiasco

To say the least the line-up is lacking.
Then again, Wu-Tang Clan ain't nothin' to mess with.


Laila said...

We will so be there.

Anonymous said...

i don't see how any line-up can be lacking with wu-tang on the bill.

Anonymous said...

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