Pop Culture Collision Course

Kanye's remixed Fall Out Boy's "This Ain't A Scene, It's an Arm's Race" adding in a rapped verse, which is interesting to say the least. Not a huge fan of the remix, but it's a novelty worth noting.

Fall Out Boy feat. Kanye West - "This Ain't A Scene, It's an Arm's Race (Remix)"

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Anonymous said...

omg what is kanye playing at,this aint a scene is an awsome emo hit written by the bestest emo kingpin in the whole wide world and should stay that way!

by fob fans for life

p.s patrick stump is my futre bf!

Anonymous said...

shocking innit

Anonymous said...

eerrrr, kanye is a beast, and, timbaland produced this aint a scene so :P:P:P, an u emo's r blessed 2 have kanye on ya tracks

Anonymous said...

this remix was epic! the song was already good, but kanye made it even better by mixing the genre's up a little. the change was nice and refreshing.

Anonymous said...

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