Letting Myself Fall In Love (With Antics)

I recently started driving again (insurance is an unneeded expense at school) and mentioned to my best friend I had no CD's to listen to, so she gave me a few on temporary loan; one of which was Interpol's Antics. Since its release, a good three years ago, I've never been a fan. I thought "Slow Hands" was a little goofy, and an awkward stab at a single, and I thought the album overall just wasn't mastered all that well (everything sort of bled together). Time and time again I tried liking the album and it never really clicked. I had been in love with Turn On the Bright Lights since I first heard "Stella Was A Diver And She's Always Down" on KEXP years back in High School, and somehow I couldn't stop comparing Antics to that unforgettable High School music romance. Well, with no other place to turn, I popped in the 2004 release and gave it a listen...over and over again. "Slow Hands" finally clicked with me. There's always small moments in songs you wonder why they're there and because of that it's your favorite part. "Slow Hands" has that. The singer occasionally adds "killer" to the chorus ("We spies, We slow hands, killer"). I love it. Beyond that, I've completely and utterly fallen in love with "C'mere". A lot of Interpol's lyrics don't make a ton of sense, let alone have emotional attachment value, but this one is blunt and heartbreaking:

"The problem is,
That you're in love with someone else.
It should be me."

Needless to say I've growing quite fond of Antics and suggest you do the same if you've been in my shoes the past three years.


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TransformerGeek said...

I think Antics is a great example of one of those CDs that the general public initially dismissed, but over time, people grew to appreciate. In this age of 'reviews on demand' - it's cool to see albums get second, third and even fourth reviews years after they came out. Such as...
Radiohead's The Bends (primarily in the UK, it was deemed as an instant classic, but it wasn't 'til OK Computer where the vast majority of fans in the states came around to the album.
Garbage's Version 2.0
Weezer's Pinkerton
De La Soul De La Soul is Dead

Anonymous said...

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