I Can't Bear Listening to Anything Else

A ton of my friends at school have got me listening to Grizzly Bear's semi-new cd Yellow House which is just flat out amazing. It's harmonies and use of vocals as an instrument is ingenius and well worth a look. Very Beatles-esque. A little Zeppelin circa 'Led III' as well. Check it out. I haven't stopped listening since I got it.

Grizzly Bear - "Easier"
Grizzly Bear - "On a Kneck, On a Spit"

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Also, Timbaland to resurrect (Bald) Britney's career??: Here


TransformerGeek said...

A friend of mine persuaded me to check out Lansing-Dreiden instead of Grizzly Bear. Ever heard of the band?

harold hollingsworth said...

damn good stuff, now I must go and purchase, thanks for highlighting this band!

Anonymous said...

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