All the "Woah-Oh-Oh's" You Can Handle

I had the extreme pleasure of catchy The Rosebuds at Club de Ville on Saturday at SXSW. They sounded a ton better live (whoever has posted otherwise should...well...die) than I ever expected. Their sound was fuller, louder, harder, and just all around funner (pardon me, 'more fun'). I'm extremely excited for the new album, and happy with what I've heard thus far. I'll try and snag a copy from a promoter or label ASAP. The best part of that entire day was getting to dance with the band:

The Rosebuds - "Get Up, Get Out"
off the upcoming album The Night of the Furies

Here's the setlist:

(click to enlarge)

I've been trying to find some better pics of me and the entire band but I've failed to do so. If you guys have got a good shot of the entire stage while everyone was dancing, let me know. I'm dieing to get more pics! Pitchfork Media has a pic up, cutting me out almost completely. I suppose I'm not a huge PM fan to begin with, so I guess what goes around comes around.