I've Got Everything

Thanks to a friend, I am now in possession of the new Modest Mouse. I'd post a track or two, but I'm sure I'd get a talkin' to, to say the least. I'm very sketchy on how I feel about this album. I need to give it a few more listens before I'll let myself review the album. I had some high expectations for it, and I kind of want to point the finger at Johnny Marr for any disappointment. The live tracks that have been passed around more than (insert slutty girl joke here) may have better qualities to it than the studio versions, which is saddening, but "We've Got Everything" has a nice poppy vocal element (including oh-so-sweet vocals from the Shins' James Mercer) to the chorus and "Fire it Up" will in fact be blasted throughout this coming summer. I'll keep you updated on this unsureness of an album.

It's growing on me. The bad tracks are still bad, but those a few and far between. "We've Got Everything" is guaranteed to be on the radio, and will get more airplay for James Mercer than did the Shins. "Parting the Sensory" is just flat out brilliant. "Education" has a tune waaaaaay to much like "Wild Pack of Family Dogs", though.


James said...

I hear you. This was the my most anticipated albums of the year and after 4 or 5 listens I am not impressed (says a b@stard who has just downloaded the thing). The Moon and Antarctica and Good News for People Who Love Bad News had thoughtful, ponderous, soothing and uplifting qualities that I'm just not getting from this album. Johnny Marr is a cool guy, from the little I know of him, but the first thing I am questioning is his influence and involvement in the song writing. I am a huge fan of songs like 3rd Planet, Perfect Disguise, Float On, Ocean Breathes Salty, Blame it on the Tetons and Black Cadilacs; but I don't see anything on the new album even coming close. Fire it Up is probably the most anthemic track on the WWDBTSES, but the simplicity of the chorus gives it almost a cynical sound - like it's perhaps the single that frat boys will buy the album for? We've Got Everything is probably the most radio friendly track, but even as the album's highlight it sounds overcooked, and is quite repetitive. On first listen I thought Mr Brock was channelling Bobcat Goldthwait way too much. To top off my disappointment that blissful guitar sound from GNFPWLBN (think intro/backing to Ocean Beathes Salty) has completely disappeared!

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