I Am Butter

Yes, I'm on a roll with these blog posts today. Look at me, bloggin' away on a Friday night. There's just been so much going on with music...which unfortunately does create some homogeneousness (?) in the blogging world, which of course I hate.

First off, V Magazine has a piece on Chan Marshall's involvement with Chanel...and for some reason, I'm just loving these pics:

Chan's also contributed to Yoko Ono's 'remix' album called Yes, I'm a Witch

I've got a feeling tracks from this album are gonna get pulled fast, so I'm just gonna save myself some time by directing you to a few blogs that are hosting some momentarily:
Un Violon, Un Jambon has Yoko Ono and Cat Power doing "Revelations"
The Music Slut has Yoko Ono and Antony doing "Toy Boat"
IndieBlogHeaven has Yoko Ono and the Blow Up doing "Every Man, Every Woman"
Kwaya Na Kisser(love this site, in general) has Yoko Ono, Peaches, and the Blow Up doing "Kiss Kiss Kiss"

to top it all off, you can stream the entire album here.

Also, Andrew Bird made an appearance on the children's show Jack's Big Music Show on the Noggin Channel, as "Mr. Stringz"

I guess his new album's been leakin' like mad, but I'll respect him, and only post the 'approved' track off his upcoming release:
Andrew Bird - "Herectics"

*Link Removed to Save Bandwidth for New Site

So I'm pretty blogged out, but thanks for the feedback. Keep shootin' me emails if you'd like me to check out/review/promote your band/artists/label/etc. I'm havin' a lot of fun, and that's what I got in this for.