Loney, dear - "Loney, Noir"

Today in the station's mail I recieved an album from Sub Pop entitled Loney, Noir from the artist known as Loney, dear. I decided to check it out, and wow! what a listen. It's Sufjan Stevens meets Jeremy Enigk,Chad VanGaalen, and The Flaming Lips, with a hint of Radiohead circa Pablo Honey, and a dash of Sigur Ros's vocals. The guy's real name is Emil Svanangen. Other than that, I dunno. I left the press release in my office. We can let the music speak for itself:

Loney, dear - "Hard Days 1,2,3,4"
Loney, dear - "Carrying a Stone"

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mjrc said...

completely and totally my current obsession! i even wrote him a fan note--i don't think i've ever done that before. : )

Anonymous said...

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