*Things to Come
Hey guys, this past day or so has been crazy, in regards to bandwidth and hits (1300+ in one day!). Right now, I'm hosting Cat Power's "Crazy" on it's own free 5g/month site, and I'm springing for higher bandwidth for all previous posts, and posts to come. I'm hoping recent traffic will stick around, and I whole-heartedly encourage it. Knowing I have this many readers will be quite the motivator. Traffic or no traffic, I'll do my best not to change what may (or may not have) made Dance Hall Hips as popular (relatively speaking) as it is. This would be, in plain english, not giving a crap. Jack Keroac once said (or was it wrote), "Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinion.” With this in mind, I will continue to provide you with 'good, solid music' vs. whatever is trendy. DHH isn't a 'look at me, I'm hip' site. I'll save that for Pitchfork. I still have a lot of respect for the huge blogs because they got to where they are for a reason, and I look up to that. Recently I've gotten emails from record companies and radio stations, as well as a few readers, and I will do my best to integrate all that in the Dance Hall Hips to come. I'm excited where this blog will take me, and it's definitely been quite the ride so far. I am slowly working with my supervisors for my college's radiostation to set up at SXSW budget, and I am undescribably excited for it all. I hope to see some of the best there is, as well as rub shoulders/bump elbows, etc with the likes of all of you. Blogging has given me a lot of confidence as a writer, and getting feedback, and especially link-backs has certainly helped. My love for blogging is certainly love-hate, which you may have picked up on, but my passion for writing has stayed strong. Thanks, thus far. I'll keep on truckin' if you keep on readin' .