Now Playing, Not Paying

So along with a whole new blog 'facelift' that occured a few weeks ago, I added a Last.fm playlist generator to my sidebar so you guys can see what I'm really listening to. I'm not a huge fan of just posting album covers (and amazon links) of the most recent trendy blog bands and pretending I'm really into them (ie: most music blogs out there). Instead, you can see what I listen to on a daily basis, and if you too have a Last.fm account (used to be Audioscrobbler) , feel free to add me. What harm can more social networking do, eh?

Besides that, as you may have noticed, I've got some ads up because I've been getting a little more traffic and figured I could make an extra buck or two. Low and behold, that's all I've made: a buck. Does anyone know of any other ad websites I can get involved with? I was briefly told about one, but wasn't quite sure how to sign up. My Old Kentucky Blog and You Ain't No Picasso has some great ones that would definitely generate more traffic then 'Get the new Wiggles CD'. I suppose this is where I throw in an MP3 to keep you all devoted readers:

I listened to a mix I made for myself a month or so ago, and didn't know a song I put on it. Sometimes I just drag songs of bands I had just heard of on it and it's almost as if someone else made a mix CD for me. That's how lame I am. Anyways, I caught a line in the song that I remembered was also the name of an album, and then BINGO! I figured it out. It was Voxtrot's "Raised by Wolves" off the album by the same name. I know they got a little blog buzz a few months back, and I had all their stuff, I just never gave them a listen and now I'm in love with this song. Oh, and besides being damned catchy, it's great lyrically as well:

"I will never live like you
But you will probably die like me
Oh lovelessly, an ending
Full of God, and God makes plenty.
You will go on searching
For someone to keep you killing
If you love me, won't you leave me?
'cause I want to settle down"

Voxtrot - "Raised by Wolves"

One last thing, I know I'm far from being 'old' but I heard something on the news that made me say "No way was that 10 years ago". Apparently it's coming up on the 10th anniversary of Princess Diana's death. Hearing that blew me away because like a lot of people, I remember the moment I heard about it pretty vividly. I wasn't really that affected by it being pretty young, but because it remains so clear makes it hard to believe it was that long ago. So...there's something to think about.


Nicole said...

I was thinking the same thing. I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when the news came on that she had died. And I was thinking last week that I couldn't believe 10 years had passed! Damn, I'm getting old.

Anonymous said...

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